Alarm Connect home-security monitoring solution

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One of South Africa’s leading insurance-focussed Internet of Things platforms, Sensor Networks, has added Alarm Connect to its suite of connected home IoT products, allowing homeowners to remotely manage their home alarms and WiFi-enabled security cameras.

Alarm Connect, is a home-security monitoring system that can be easily installed alongside most standard alarm panels, providing remote control of the entire alarm system’s features via a mobile app. Users get real-time access to manage all the alarm’s functions and receive emergency notifications, as well as the ability to add WiFi-enabled cameras to their existing security bouquet.

The device takes about 30 minutes for a Sensor Networks-accredited technician to install, while the Wifi Cameras are easily self installed. Once that’s done, Alarm Connect links to the homeowner’s phone number and email address using the Sensor Networks Smart Home mobile app.

Sensor Networks CEO, Mark Allewell, says: “There are around 700 000 residential households that have an active armed-response contract, with 98% of response call outs being false alarms. Connecting to your home alarm remotely, and having WiFi cameras with live streaming, gives you the ability to remotely assess the situation and confirm when help is required.”

“Sensor Networks’s goal is to build smart technology that enables people to fully manage their homes and reduce energy consumption, as well as reduce risk for insurance providers. Our smart-geyser solution has already proved itself over the last few years, and we’ve built up large data sets to enable risk reduction for insurance providers. Homeowners also directly benefit by saving up to 40% on their household geyser energy consumption,” Allewell continues, “Now, we’re ready to make a push into the security industry, and hope to capitalise on our existing insurance relationships to pass on the benefits to homeowners once more.”

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