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Disclaimer: This is not investment advice, but for educational purposes only. Ryan Cohen, billionaire, and beneficiary from the ramp-up in Gamestop’s $GME share price made an additional $130 million from trading and exiting Bed Bath and Beyond $BBBY.

This video highlights the reality that the beneficiaries of this artificial ramp-up in a share of a #Meme stock may be some investors who are lucky enough to get out on time, but the real beneficiaries are the institutions that make their money in the closing bell.

Those Citadel’s and Robinhood’s of the world that #APES don’t really want to benefit. They are still laughing all the way that back. With this in mind, although $BBBY had risen nearly 430% over a month and around 100% in two days, during the closing auction, after the bell, the share price dropped 35%.

Those retailers who only purchased before the closing bell lost a substantial amount of money. The reason for the drop could relate to derivatives trading their book which was net short. However, the retailers caught long are the real casualties. Unfortunately, there will be more when the music stops and they don’t find enough buyers of their stock, but only sellers.

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