Can USOIL Maintain its Level?

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NFP report: what you need to know

  • China has been the main driver of crude oil demand. Unfortunately, the recovery is slow. Like China, many developed countries face a slowing economy, which also impacts China.
  • To maintain the price, Saudi and Russia plan to curb their production to stabilise it in the second half of this year.
  • Aside from that, the strong USD has also impacted the price, and the Fed emphasised that job data like Nonfarm Payrolls may affect their decisions in the near future.
  • From a technical perspective, USOIL maintained within the narrower price range, between a downward-slanting trendline and the support area.
  • If the price can close above the trendline, it may continue to retest its resistance at 72.80 – 74.20.
  • On the contrary, the price may return to 66.00 – 67.00 again if it fails to close above the trendline.