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Exness – NFP 02 December 2022

The non-farm payroll is coming up on Friday 2 December 2022. As a key economic indicator, it often leads to significant market movements. The NFP is always a highly anticipated release. It shows the change in the number of employed people in the US from month to month, not including the farming sector. It’s commonly … Read more

Magic Markets – Does Meta Get Better?

Welcome to the Zuckerverse, where share prices go to die as they gasp for air in a barren wasteland that was once filled with free cash flow. The ground is dry and cracked and the overlords aren’t finished extracting every bit of water they can find. Because nobody really knows what the Metaverse will be, … Read more

I want 18% returns – is this achievable?

Yes, but you would need to be comfortable with possibly very bad performance for some years. By Gustav Reinach The biggest communication gap between advisors and investors is to fully explain what amount of risk needs to be taken in order to achieve specific returns. Everyone wants the best returns the market can give, but … Read more

50 Shades of Grey (listing)

By Ruan Breed South Africa is known for being in the top of all the wrong lists and looks all set to join a new list – countries on the grey list for it its financial systems. South Africa’s economy is indeed in knee-deep trouble right now. Some of the trouble is self- inflicted – … Read more

Brenthurst Wealth Management

OUR PHILOSOPHYOur commitment to investment success, wealth creation and wealth preservation is achieved as a result of individual ongoing advice, building long-term relationships and ensuring that our professional planners are continually educated with regards ever-changing global market conditions. “The fine art of managing investments requires consistency, patience, the critical ability to envisage a long-term approach … Read more

Stop Being Confused With Leadership and Management

By Simon Bere Stop Being Confused With Leadership and Management Terms and Concepts and Dramatically Shift Your Leadership and Management Performance and Results Contrary to how strategy is not being treated in the corporate world and organisations, one cannot talk about real strategy without talking about performance because real strategy is like 8 (eight) of … Read more

Africa and the World

By Simon Bere Africa and the World. Let’s Stop Confusing the Terms Business, Entrepreneurship, Invention, Innovation, Investment and Creativity. Carl Von Clausewitz one of the god fathers of strategy argued that any strategy work must begin with the clearly defining the terms to be used in strategy. This is a profound insight which at first … Read more

Chief Executive Officers’ Paradox

The World’s Mysterious Chief Executive Officers’ Paradox: The Strangeness of Having No Formal and Structured Training, Education, Development and Support for a Position That Accounts for 20-50% of the Fate and Destiny of a Business, Company or Organisations. By Simon Bere The State of Affairs: CEO’s Are Assuming the Position Without Position Specific Body of … Read more