Road haul, Cartage, Distribution

Traders Den

By Cindy Visser

Road haul, Cartage, Distribution… A demand for implementation.

So whether you an importer or exporter, a logistic service provider or just a distributor of goods; Road haul or Cartage or Distribution is needed. Locally or over boarder or international. It’s Supply and demand and we all have a role to play in the ABC’s of logistics no matter which shape or form, mode of transport, incoterms etc.

It’s what we require to transport our goods from origin to matter from where to where.. The mode of transport between ports or supplier or buyer door requires road and in some cases rail or both. All in its own infrastructure road or rail faces its own trials and tribulations, If it’s not politics, it’s covid which delays are our ever rising issue due to space constraints, weather etc, or suppliers late in production that does not meet sailing or flight schedules. Then there is road infrastructure then that makes it impossible to transport goods due to the quality of roads and sometimes no roads at all. God majure of floods and terrible weather conditions that bring transport to a halt, making it impossible to reach deadlines.

What I have realised is that road transport is more in need now then ever. Delays on manufacturing, flights and vessels, port congestion etc etc, buyers are having to look locally to supply their needs and demands as their usual imports is not a option at the moment. Buying locally and collecting and delivering to meet deadlines is on the increase. Warehouse staff, drivers etc are now at capacity of loading and off loading and deliveries. Added to that cost on fuel increases as well as maintenance on vehicles, the cost of distribution and road haul will be higher then what was previously transported at, which ultimately affects the final cost of the goods..

Supply has never been in such demand as what we are facing… Demand has never been at such a determinant need as what’s been wanted, affecting all areas of economies of scale whether you a buyer or seller, consignee or consignor. Manufacturer or retailer or service provider, we all been effected.

This all needs to be taken into consideration and more seriously, that it’s not just air and sea freight that affects us but now road and rail. No matter what, supply is demand and demand is supply, it’s still the end result we all striving to attain.

We all have to work together and strive to ensure that the profit margin and capitalism is in the end… The end user. Ourselves who are either manufacturing, importing, exporting, distributing we ourselves are the end user.

Something to think about..

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