Exness – Increased lot size on indices

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Exness is making some improvements to their indices offering.

At Exness, we always try to give clients the best trading experience possible. After receiving requests to increase lot size and grow our indices offering across our platform, we are pleased to announce the first steps.

MT4 – maximum lot size on most indices will increase during the day from 20 to 300.

MT5 – maximum lot size on most indices will increase during the day from 20 to 300 – 5000, depending on the instrument.

nstrumentPrevious maximum lotsNew MT5 maximum lots

What you need to know
Affected instruments: AUS200, DE30, FR40, HK50, JP225, STOXX50, UK100, US30, US500 and USTEC.
The change will occur on MT4 and MT5 platforms.
Maximum lots at night will remain at 20.
Maximum lots refers to the maximum trade size that can be submitted on the platform. Sometimes due to market liquidity constraints, actual maximum volume may be smaller.
Please note, instruments US30_x10, US500_x100, and USTEC_x100 available on MT4 will be set to close-only mode at the same time.

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