Exness – New Portfolio Feature

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Exness have upgraded their portfolio feature for improved usability. Here’s what’s new.

Full order info visible
Eliminate extra clicks and view all the details of your orders at a glance, including stop loss, take profit and more.

Quick order modification
Modify your stop loss and take profit orders with a single click on the corresponding field.

Easy order grouping
Group your trades by instrument and organize your portfolio by symbol.

Customizable field display
Arrange your portfolio display by moving fields around according to your preference.

What this means for your trading:
Better control over your orders
Shave off valuable seconds and modify your trades effortlessly in adverse market conditions.

Better view of your exposure
Get a comprehensive visual overview of your portfolio by instrument, at all times.

Seamless usability
Enjoy a more frictionless trading experience with improved functionality for users of all levels, including professional traders.

Exness is always working on ways to make your trading experience more seamless and user-friendly.

In keeping with that mission, Exness is pleased to announce this launch of their new and improved portfolio feature in the Exness Terminal.

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