LPM as a leadership compass during a crisis

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At the meeting, a team of lawyers discussed the concept of law and justice.

By Nicolene Schoeman-Louw

The outbreak of Covid-19 has wreaked global havoc. Many public offices key to the
functioning of the legal profession has been crippled or is not fully functional.
Lawyers, now more than ever, need to innovate and law firms hoping to survive,
require strong leadership.

Legal Project Management or “LPM” is a crucial tool providing much-needed clarity.
During these turbulent times, I have noted several Key Objectives earmarked by
firms that are thriving in these times: 

As a first step, before anything is undertaken a specific focus on human health and
safety and the broader responsibilities flowing from there, should be the main
priority. Therefore the following should be considered when Scoping the Project

 Health and safety of employees, as well as customers interacting with the
 Succession plans for Management.
 Multi-skilling, cross-skilling and upskilling.
 Productivity measures and precise output requirements.
 Technological support and adaptive methods of working, including methods
of employees staying connected while working from home.
Leadership Accountability
Legal firms in South Africa should ask themselves whether measures that are being
considered align with the following:

  1. The Firm’s response is in line with the fundamental culture and values of the
  2. Demonstrate responsible leadership.
  3. How it engages with employees, customers, suppliers, the community,
    government and other stakeholders and the extent to which the Firm can
    support such stakeholders
    After Covid-19
    It is essential to adequately consider and assess whether changes that are being
    adopted would have long term sustainability and relevance post-COVID-19. A
    thorough risk and issues management process is critical and should be regularly

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