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Welcome to the Zuckerverse, where share prices go to die as they gasp for air in a barren wasteland that was once filled with free cash flow. The ground is dry and cracked and the overlords aren’t finished extracting every bit of water they can find.

Because nobody really knows what the Metaverse will be, we can be poetic about it. The alternative is to focus on what it is today: Sims-level graphics and a plan to sell VR headsets that let you work in Excel in a new way.

On the plus side, Jim Cramer now hates the stock. If you’re active on Twitter, you’ll know that this is the most bullish news for Meta in ages.

In our latest Magic Markets Premium show, we revisit the investment case and discuss key points like:
The level of growth and engagement in Family of Apps
The impact of Reels on the business
The pillars of the Metaverse
The financial double-whammy of Family of Apps under pressure and Reality Labs ramping up its spend
Trading indicators and oversold momentum
The difficulties in valuing Meta these days
Some have referred to Meta as a value stock, given the unwind in the multiple. We disagree completely. If you look at forward multiples, you’ll realise that this is a growth stock.

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