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US Economic Data Was Worse. Is This The Time for Gold to Soar?

  • Yesterday, the home price data showed worse-than-expected YoY data, but the MoM data was slightly better.
  • The consumers were more pessimistic about the economic condition portrayed by the lower Consumer Confidence data.
  • In addition, the Dallas Manufacturing Index dipped deeper, indicating contraction.
  • From a technical perspective, Gold bounced strongly from the support area at 1,930 – 1,950 USD per troy ounce.
  • If it can sustain its momentum, it may continue hitting 1,985 – 2,000 USD per troy ounce and change its course.
  • On the contrary, failure to hold above the support area may indicate a continuation to 1,890 – 1,910 USD per troy ounce.
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