Office Politics and Misconception

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Office Politics and Misconception… Sales vs Everyone Else in the Organization or visa versa..

By Cindy Visser

The infamous debacle between operations and sales departments relationship, will always be the most challenging obstacle, all companies face.

It really doesn’t matter what industry you find yourself in, or which type of infrastructure you find yourself being apart of, within that company there remains the great divide like The Great Wall Of China, not even David Copperfield could walk through.

I myself who literally started from the admin bottom, to reach the position I hold now, I too had my grudge against the sales team… But I soon realized that it wasn’t a hatred because I had listened to the continuous water cooler gossip or lending my ear to the constant complaints of that one unhappy employer who as we all have met and worked with, no matter what always complains about every little thing no matter what the situation… My heart however couldn’t help the yearn I felt to always be apart of this team of people, who continue to portray the positive driving force of motivation and determination.

I mean I even remember my receptionist days, where I can tell you has to be the most soul destroying job for me out there… I mean just because you have the face or smile for that position which by all standards is hugely important within an organization as they are the first introduction to the company. They are the mind set from that first interaction whether it’s phone or face to face the receiving person bases thier decision on how they view the company… So if that receptionist is having a bad day, crises at home, traumatic experience… Al the things we all experience, sorry for you but bring on the fake smile and personality because you cannot project that to Mr customer or potential customer….

Im using reception as an example because until you understand what every person in each departments responsibilities are and what’s required of them to perform the task at hand that is thier money worth to keep them employed to take care of themselves and thier family, how can you judge and criticize…

I have been through every department within logistics, a decision made which effectively, assisted me in understanding my Logistic Industry to the fullest. It’s literally a career choice that you as an individual makes and so many factors that drive that decision making… It’s still your choice.

No job whether it’s sales, admin, cleaner, etc etc should be undermined or judged based on the title given. We all have an important place within the organization adding our two cents worth in achieving goals to add to the profit margin, which in turn ensures a organisations success rate to keep your employment and earn a salary. We all there for the same reasons so we all need to focus on that and work as a team.

Of course there are the one or two bad eggs who have left a bad perception in our minds and it’s these people who are filled with negativity and lost faith within themselves and want to drag everyone down with them… We all know them, worked with them and forever will meet them, but it’s up to us to decide what’s important to us, how we to reach our personal goals within and outside our careers.

Its easier to be negative and complain daily then it is to be positive with a spring in our step. I was inspired by the pure drive and personalities of those positive sales people that it determined my future outcome. Believe it or not but being an only child forces you into living a introverted life, and yes i am an introvert, however those who have met met me, know me or will meet me will argue you until the death that I’m a extrovert….smile.

I pushed myself out my comfort zone to wake up each morning with a positive mind set to face the day and be positive and passionate so when I’m sitting in front of a customer or potential customer or even a phone call or email they will see and feel equally passionate and positive. I also have expectations and targets and goals that have been put in place in order to stay employed and earn a salary, and I have those really tough days where I throw my hands up in the air and shout ‘stop the world I want to get off’. Even my tragedy of my Past that I live with each day, cannot get me down because I have to keep moving forward. Faith! Hope! Love! Always.

So dear operations team, we do absolutely understand, appreciate and respect your career choice and the hours you work and challenges you face. Maybe getting to know your colleagues is what will change your way of seeing a person and judging them on what their career choice is. When you make mistakes working with your colleagues especially sales to fix it is alot less damaging then to not take responsibility, lay blame and push the matter away… Trust me on this one.

Not once in all my years as sales heard a operations person say to me they envied my job, they all said they preferred sitting behind thier desks because they could never have the confidence to sell to customers… I spend the time with my team, I make the time to greet and get to know my colleagues and they know any issues or problems to come to me first to assist in sorting it out because 9/10 times it works.

We all have a choice as to how we define ourselves in the work place not only in our existence. So let it be enriching, fulfilling and positive because you not only inspiring yourself but you may just inspire a total stranger or your colleague you have worked with for years.

Just try it…

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