Proprietary Trading Funding Firms

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Trade for this well established proprietary trading firm with a balance of up to 400,000 USD and 90& profit share. Popular prop firm with 2 phase challenge.

Join our elite group of the most committed, disciplined funded forex traders at FundYourFX who are all simultaneously taking advantage of our funded program.

True Forex Funds
This proprietary trading firm has a funding program grants traders up to $400,000 upon successfully passing our 2-Phase Evaluation Process and the company can directly cover your potential losses.

Funded Next
FundedNext offers up to $200,000 funds to financially empower global traders and help them earn full-time income with a fully funded trading account.

Revolutionize Your Trading With BuoyTrade’s Trading Capital!
Receive a 50% split on the profit you make, we cover the losses.

My Forex Funds
Multiple programs to meet your trading expertise, earn bonus and profit splits.

City Traders Imperium
Get a funded account with one of the most straightforward and simple forex funded trader programs, manage up to +$4,000,000, and take home up to 70% profit share. Trade Forex, Gold, & Indices.

The 5%ers

Accelerate your funded account up to 4 million USD. Popular forex prop firms with different funded trader programs to suit your style.

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