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Building In Africa For Africa

We’re building Tulix to enable Africa’s migrants to allocate funds for specific needs to their beneficiaries. The app allows them to manage and limit where and how these funds are spent, thereby increasing accountability, delivering value and unlocking their maximum potential.

By ensuring remittances are spent on their intended needs, we’re positively impacting households, communities and the African continent’s GDP.

Migrants all over the world experience a very common problem when they send money home to be used for specific purposes. In many cases, individual beneficiaries are entrusted to collect and distribute these funds, rendering them prone to misappropriation or misuse.

This effectively limits the impact of remittances on household incomes and communities, especially in Low and Middle Income Countries whose small GDP’s rely heavily on inward remittances.

This has also limited the amount of money that the over 36 million Africans in the diaspora are willing to send back home effectively slowing down the development of our continent as diaspora inflows contribute significantly to economic development.

Through the use of innovative financial technology, we envision a future where migrants won’t worry about being away from their home countries. Using Tulix will make them feel like they never left.

Our vision is to unlock the potential of remittances across Africa.

What’s clear is that opportunity is everywhere… Despite uncertainty in the global markets, these pose an interesting time for investors to lock in value and take advantage of favourable deal terms. As Baron Rothschild famously said, “Buy when there’s blood in the streets, even if the blood is your own.” Crude mental images aside, the sentiment holds.

Here is what we believe this means for Venture Capital opportunities:

  • Adjusted valuations in current and foreseeable rounds
  • Increased quality of opportunities based on capital scarcity
  • Leaner startup operations due to risk mitigation and capital preservation

To take a positive outlook, because why not, we believe this is an exciting time to find promising opportunities to back.

But don’t take my word for it, kindly watch the video of our recent showcase and each of the exciting startups presented by their Founders.

Whether you’re a private investor aiming to build wealth or a corporate company looking for its next growth trajectory, we’re here to enable you to take the next step in your journey. We’re democratising venture capital through a simplified approach which enables everyone to get involved.

We love people who think big and businesses that grow fast. We work with the world’s best innovators and operators. We’re mission driven. We’re obsessed about customers, scalability and operational excellence. We’re simple.Capital()

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