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simple.Capital() Community Rounds Showcase – Billdr

Get a tailored scope and budget estimateA Billdr project manager will meet you at your property and provide an estimate within one week. Consult with industry professionalsConnect with architects or engineers depending on required plans or permits. Receive comparable quotesBased on project size, receive two-to-three quotes from vetted general contractors. Start constructionYour dedicated project manager … Read more

simple.Capital() Community Rounds Showcase – Tulix App

Building In Africa For Africa We’re building Tulix to enable Africa’s migrants to allocate funds for specific needs to their beneficiaries. The app allows them to manage and limit where and how these funds are spent, thereby increasing accountability, delivering value and unlocking their maximum potential. By ensuring remittances are spent on their intended needs, … Read more

simple.Capital() Community Rounds Showcase – Hohm Energy

Going solar is complicated, riddled with compliance and many moving parts. Hohm is an online software platform and marketplace that connects customers, accredited solar providers, product suppliers and financiers in a few clicks. From there, we manage your entire solar journey from scoping for the solution, installation and ongoing operations and maintenance. The simplest solar … Read more

simple.Capital() Community Rounds Showcase

What’s clear is that opportunity is everywhere… Despite uncertainty in the global markets, these pose an interesting time for investors to lock in value and take advantage of favourable deal terms. As Baron Rothschild famously said, “Buy when there’s blood in the streets, even if the blood is your own.” Crude mental images aside, the … Read more

Investment Channels

Below are some investment You Tube channels that we have found to be very helpful and jam packed with excellent investing education for both stocks and crypto. Promote your unique business blogs on Traders Den and attract new customers and Investors. Traders Den offers online trade promotion for your trading business by means of blogs, … Read more