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Super Stock Consulting SA

Stock already paid for must move.You will always have good and bad stock inside the same warehouses. In every industry that I have been, achieving a 100% stock balance, is not yet achievable, however, one must get quite creative to prevent, and get rid of, old and slow moving stock. There should also be a … Read more

Warehouse, Distribution Centre, Logistics and Supply Chain

Education/Training,Through Many Channels.VIDEO – REMOTE – ONSITE If anything the fact that I have been involved in the design, installation of Warehouse/DC systems – Racking; Shelving, Mezzanine and Steel Structural Floors, Automated Systems PLUS involved in setting up and Managing a DC Facility with 3pl involvement has given me huge experience – and my mistakes … Read more

10 Warehouse Metrics That Matter

Warehouse/Distribution Centre KPI’s will determine how efficiently you operate and that determines your profit at the end of the day. You in all probability have software the likes of SAP and other tools assisting you in compiling data and analyzing information, but does it raise red flags when needed?. We all are also aware of … Read more

Can’t seem to get the Warehouse or DC fully functional?

Believe it or not – many of the current issues you are experiencing started at the drawing board when the new Warehouse DC was being Designed, alternative the new premises you are renting does not fit the actual requirements. Lack of the proper information; no real analysis of product growth or changes; no investigation into … Read more