The world is a stage

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The world and logistics

By Cindy Visser

I was thinking today… If I could have picked another career what would it be….

Tick tock
Tick tock
Drumming of fingers
Tapping of my foot

I guess… Honestly an actress came to mind… But that was years ago.. And I had the opportunity with my dad working for the SABC, I remember as a kid the opportunity to star in adverts (I mean those days your name on the screen was enough). Then my debut ended when a certain retailer wanted the advertisement of school girls advertising the school panties we had to wear… Lol yes I’m that old.

I mean I was 3 and think of it now.. Yeah I get why my dad stopped my acting career right then and there lol

But on that note… That famous Shakespeare quote “the world is a stage and we are mere actors”…. Something like that. My deceased husband Clinton Venske lived by these words and how true…

So in logistics you have two choices.. Be the actor and honestly don’t care about the gender offenders because I never added actress… Lol wait is that wrong .. What if I get into trouble… But then again I’m a women so… Lol

Seriously though being a puppet on a string of every dominant infrastructure is going to dominate you… And yes I can hear the “but it pays our salaries” violinist playing the smallest violin in the world… Conformity agree is a must in many situations and again using the word infrastructures… But now and again that infinite wisdom we find ourselves dwelling in may be the life changer.

I read somewhere that crazy is the definition of doing the same thing over and expecting a different outcome… Ahem.. Really.. So then every scientist, inventor, dreamer, business mogul, etc etc.. So they were crazy? Well then I would be ecstatic to be called crazy…

How on earth do you think we evolved to where we evolved without a crazy thought here and there… And logistics… Well if we working against nature, currencies, politics, transport, war, embargoes, customer relationships between their suppliers or buyers, ever changing incoterms… I mean the list is endless.

It’s why I love logistics, it’s ever changing and growth is imminent… However the question is are you willing to be the actor on the world’s logistics stage? Or be the producer and director, leading your company, service provider to achievable solutions to enhance your clients growth..

Your choice!

Cindy can be contacted at email

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