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How do I create the Company Culture and the Team my business wants?

For anyone who has been charged with expanding business and thus the team, one thing is for sure, people are dynamic beings and often unpredictable.It is also true that without a team, and if you do not create future leaders in your organisation, there is little to no prospect of long-term sustainability and continuity. It … Read more

How do I better manage unhappy clients?

We have all heard the story of a customer venting on google or hello peter or a similar platform. We are naming and shaming the business at the centre of a bad experience. Unfortunately, the term terrible experience could entail something as significant as a promise not being kept. Or a product functionality not aligning … Read more

When are NDAs most appropriate?

An NDA is best suited where you may want to share information with a third party (outside your organisation). Also, another agreement does not deal with the safe exchange of information or its potential abuse. This is because employees, for example, are usually bound to confidentiality in their employment contracts. Also, the Companies Act and … Read more

How do I protect my Brand and Reputation?

Some key considerations around your reputation are to register intellectual property rights such as trademarks and patents. In addition, to have agreements and policies in place to manage relationships and sensitive information well have fewer disputes and more success. For more information contact We offer simple and effective online marketing services for trading ventures … Read more

How Do I set a strong legal foundation for my start-up or small Business?

Entrepreneurs often neglect the legal side of their business and as a result, struggle to grow and scale. It is all about how you make decisions, who can make decisions and how to ensure accountability. In fact, the sooner your business looks at its corporate governance structures the better, as small businesses attending to governance … Read more

Why do so many small businesses fail in South Africa?

Prior to 2020, around 68% of small businesses failed in the first 5 years. Since 2020, the statistic has increased to around 75% in the first 12 months. Main reasons are: lack of access to funding and markets. The access issue is only a symptom of the fact that most of these businesses are not … Read more

Why is an alternative legal solution useful?

The high cost and time spent typically associated with law firm services are unaffordable for many entrepreneurs. As a result most never complete a legal project and therefore never implement the solutions required to enable the business to grow and expand or to avoid risk. An alternative enables entrepreneurs to access information on the go … Read more

What is an alternative legal solution?

PocketAdvisor is an alternative legal solution created by expert lawyers. It is an alternative way to access critical legal information, build legal knowledge and access resources to implement the knowledge without engaging a law firm or to drastically decrease the need for law firm engagement. It results in less time and money being spent to … Read more