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I am unemployed can I claim UIF if I resigned?

Employees who resign from their employment will not be able to claim compensation from the Unemployment Insurance Fund while they are unemployed. The only circumstance where an employee who resigned from their employment could claim from the Unemployment Insurance Fund is if that employee is able to prove he or she was constructively dismissed. Contact … Read more

I lost the title deed to my property. What are my options?

If you lose your original title deed, you have to apply for a copy in terms of regulation 68 of the Deeds Registries Act. This is required in order to transfer the property to another person. Also. in addition to the application, an advertisement in the newspaper and government gazette should also be published. Contact … Read more

I am living with a life partner, what should I do?

You can formalize your universal partnership or life partnership by signing and registering a duly drafted cohabitation agreement which can, if properly drafted, have similar proprietary consequences as parties married in terms of a normal marriage. This will go a long way in protecting the interest of both yourself and your partner. Contact We … Read more