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How can I save money and pay less tax?

There are a number of products that are available, namely tax-free savings accounts, retirement annuities and local and global wrappers. Again, as alluded to above, it is not a one size fits all and good financial advisor will help you choose your best options. For more information kindly contact Joanne Baynham at Promote your unique … Read more

Are local and offshore trusts a good idea?

Trusts have their pros and cons, the biggest pro is the saving on estate duties, a trust never dies, even when the individual does. The cons are they are very expensive to set up and should be done, pre the growth in assets. Offshore trusts are a good idea, if one has assets offshore and … Read more

What happens to my investments if I emigrate?

This is a very complicated answer and one that you would need to get financial advice and tax advice on. There is no one answers to fit all scenarios. However, what is true, is if you do plan to emigrate than retirement annuities are not a good savings plan and the money is locked up … Read more

How much do I need to retire?

As a rule of thumb, we would say 25 times your final salary, working on draw down rate of 4% in real terms. This also assumes, your capital won’t be depleted, and you can leave a legacy to your kids. As a minimum, you should have 10 times your final salary. The reality is, most … Read more