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After I invest, how often should I expect updates?

simple.Capital() has created an investor portal for each Investor in order for them to receive timely updates on the underlying business and the performance of the investment. As companies differ in their cadence, simple.Capital() will send out a bi-annual update which will also be saved in your simple.Capital() Investor Portal. We will also add any … Read more

How will I get any money back?

Investors can expect to receive money back in one of two ways; Liquidity Event: In the case of a liquidity event (if there is a change of control, a direct listing, or an IPO of the company) the funds will be returned to investors either as a dividend or a buyback of the share class … Read more

How do the fees work for investing?

Investors will pay; Whether you’re a private investor aiming to build wealth or a corporate company looking for its next growth trajectory, we’re here to enable you to take the next step in your journey. We’re democratising venture capital through a simplified approach which enables everyone to get involved. We love people who think big … Read more

Who can invest?

In order to invest in this Community Round, investors will need to self-certify that they are sophisticated investors in terms of UK law. This means that investors will need to certify that you meet one of the following criteria: If you are unsure, please contact the team at simple.Capital() who can assist with the explanation … Read more