Do I need to have a trading mentor?

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Trading is a process of continual learning. Reading trading books and researching online will teach you a lot, but it won’t provide you with all you need to become a proficient trader.

Although trading is an activity that you can do on your own, interaction with other people in the trading arena is a vital aspect of your trading journey. I have to say that in my experience, having a mentor is without a doubt the single factor that has had the biggest positive impact on my trading, and on my deeper understanding of the mindset needed to be a good trader.

Most of my new students warn me that they are going to be phoning me every five minutes, because they have so many questions to ask at the beginning of their trading journey. I encourage them to do just that, knowing that they won’t do it, but just that they need somebody with ‘skin on’ at the other end of the line to help them when they need it. They generally need someone who will take them by the hand and guide them along the journey to trading success.

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