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Companies can become comfortable — even complacent — about the relationship they have with their customers. This attitude
is dangerous because what customers want and how much they are willing to pay will change over time.
There is often pressure to lower your prices to make your products more competitive. You should always be looking for ways to
improve supply chain efficiency because this can allow you to lower prices without sacrificing profits. However, you should also
be looking for opportunities to increase revenue by reaching new customers or making your product or service more valuable to
your current customers. For example, selling products online can be a good way to connect with new customers, and profitably
fulfilling to online sales often involves significant changes to a supply chain.
(The trends is the USA – did careful study myself over a 14 month period – show that Covid did impact and force changes)

For more information and assistance with your warehousing / supply chain needs, email Loray at –

Loray Daws is not a “me too” professional. He looks at life differently and finds the best way to create value for his customers.
He knows LEAN initiatives very well and practices LEAN principles. He can apply Supply Chain theory and recommend substantial
cost savings. Loray is creative, sensitive and respectful to others’ needs and understands people very well. If I had a growing
company, I’d hire Loray to be one of my right hand men. He is experienced, has all the relevant knowledge and applies what he
has learned. “

Charles Intrieri
Management Consultant Charles M. Intrieri Consulting

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