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You can find out a lot about how well your own supply chain is doing by bench-marking against other companies,
including your competitors.
You can do bench-marking informally by researching public information about your competitors. You also can do
formal bench-marking by sharing data between companies or working with a research firm that collects data from
many companies and provides them all with bench-marking reports. One advantage to participating in a multi-
company bench-marking study is that it can allow participants to see how they’re performing relative to other
companies without having to reveal their identities.
Although sharing non-financial data with other companies for bench marking studies is usually perfectly legal, it’s
illegal to share some information that could stifle competition. For example, you probably can share information about
your inventory turns, but you probably can’t share information about your prices.
Before sharing any information with someone who works for one of your competitors, make sure that you understand
what you can and can’t discuss.

For more information and assistance with your warehousing / supply chain needs, email Loray at –

Loray Daws is not a “me too” professional. He looks at life differently and finds the best way to create value for his customers.
He knows LEAN initiatives very well and practices LEAN principles. He can apply Supply Chain theory and recommend substantial
cost savings. Loray is creative, sensitive and respectful to others’ needs and understands people very well. If I had a growing
company, I’d hire Loray to be one of my right hand men. He is experienced, has all the relevant knowledge and applies what he
has learned. “

Charles Intrieri
Management Consultant Charles M. Intrieri Consulting

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