How will I get any money back?

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Category: Simple Capital

Investors can expect to receive money back in one of two ways;

  • A liquidity event (i.e. the investment lists on a public stock exchange or is acquired by another company)
  • A secondary share sale (i.e. the investor sells their share in the company to a willing buyer of those shares, should someone be willing to buy them).

Liquidity Event:

In the case of a liquidity event (if there is a change of control, a direct listing, or an IPO of the company) the funds will be returned to investors either as a dividend or a buyback of the share class by simple.Capital Limited (the investment company which houses all investments).

The amount that will be returned is the total investment gain less the performance fee (5%). The performance fee is calculated on the excess return of your investment over your original capital and fees, which are returned to you first. *Here is an example of an investor that invests $1 000

Secondary Share Sale:

Traditional venture funds keep you locked into the investment for seven years or longer. Although you should look at your investment from a long-term perspective, simple.Capital() will facilitate a secondary share sale if there is demand for the share (i.e. someone else is willing to buy the share from you).

It is important to note that the secondary share sale works on a “willing buyer and willing seller” model. In some instances, the seller of the share will need to find a willing buyer that is interested in purchasing the share. simple.Capital() will facilitate the transaction and will set a ‘recommended price’ that will be communicated to you ahead of any transaction, along with materials to help you assess whether it is a fair price.

Whether you’re a private investor aiming to build wealth or a corporate company looking for its next growth trajectory, we’re here to enable you to take the next step in your journey. We’re democratising venture capital through a simplified approach which enables everyone to get involved.

We love people who think big and businesses that grow fast. We work with the world’s best innovators and operators. We’re mission driven. We’re obsessed about customers, scalability and operational excellence. We’re simple.Capital()

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