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Category: Trading Coach

They are many good trading mentors out there and they are also very bad ones like in every business.
I consider trading as a real business and treat it as such.

I don’t consider trading topics (strategy, psychology, risk management, trading tools) in isolation but in interaction with each othersand will easily compare trading to a classic business. This is why I don’t consider the strategy you use paramount but the way you use it. This is why

I also focus on behavioral finance and explore the cognitive and emotional biases you may suffer from and how you can resolve them with practical situational exercises.

For example, everybody understands that you must pay electricity, rents, mortgage wages BEFORE you start making money by selling your product or services to your clients. But in trading people don’t accept to take their losses. Another example: we know that a company needs to avoid being too leveraged but in trading leverages of 2,5, 10 or more are commonly accepted.

Moreover, with me you will understand not only how the variables of your trading expectancy (hit-ratio, risk reward ratio, position size) act and impact your risk adjusted returns but also how they interact with each other’s. You will learn how to backtest your system also.
For example, your win-rate or hit ratio is the least important variable of you trading system. Did you know that?
And last I will challenge everything you do and will ask you to justify it.

You can contact Florian Campuzan (Trading Coach) at

Twitter: @TradingCoach75

Website: www.trading-coach75.com

LinkedIn: Trading Coach

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tradingcoach75/