What kind of trading program do you offer?

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Category: Trading Coach

The first one is « how to build your whole trading system ». This is aimed towards beginning traders who want to understand the market ecosystem and the core common features of every winning trading system regardless of the strategy used.

The second one is«become a professional swing trader ». This one is for traders who want to dive in a specific strategy aiming at taking long positions with an average holding period of 5 days. This is the strategy I use on hyper volatile us stocks on a daily basis. I don’t believe in copy trading but there are many traders who got inspiration from my strategy.

The last one is “tailored made trading programs “ for those who have a specific strategy, scalping , day trading swing trading, and want to have a hard cold feedback on why the system or the way it is applied does not work with solutions to fix the problems.

I also propose a one hour one-on-one mentorships session which can sometimes trigger a surprising “AHA moment”(according to the feedback from those who tried it).

You can contact Florian Campuzan (Trading Coach) at

Twitter: @TradingCoach75

Website: www.trading-coach75.com

LinkedIn: Trading Coach

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tradingcoach75/