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If anything the fact that I have been involved in the design, installation of Warehouse/DC systems – Racking; Shelving, Mezzanine and Steel Structural Floors, Automated Systems PLUS involved in setting up and Managing a DC Facility with 3pl involvement has given me huge experience – and my mistakes LEARN’T and fore-given – just kidding – for over 33 years. Then having spent the past 7 years in the Warehouse, DC, SC environment as a Consultant and the Training of personnel has also added to my experience. Here are a couple of situations that I found rather strange as they had direct bearing on bottom line profits:

New Staff
No proper induction training – thus being taught the bad habits existing staff developed over the years. On the floor pickers, packers, supervisors, managers – all taking short cuts; did not know product or in fact were not even able to properly read a order picking document; stock allocations changed and peoples not informed….and a host more, severely affecting picking time, accuracy etc.

Software Systems
Implementation of software which at the end of the day proved silo’d creating more problems for Management. Again trained staff leaving due to huge pressures in not being able to solve/report as Management was told would happen.

Warehouse/DC Layouts
In all my years I have NEVER walked into any Warehouse/DC where updated drawn layouts were immediately available – shocking to say the least. Where they were available stock allocation and or the racking/shelving had been changed further hampering any analysis of placement/access and no doubt impacting productivity of the re- stocking/picking/packing processes. This clearly proved that Management did not regularly evaluate facilities and apply best practice principles.

Floor Personnel
“Going through the motions” – no real commitment and lack of motivation. No incentives or other motivational program’s in place. It is a fact that the job can be repetitive and become “boring” and therein lies the danger of miss- picks, slow-picks etc.

Old stock on the floor – why these were not sold or returned makes no sense. Labeling issues. Product overstocking/under-stocking. Damages via forklift operations on receiving.

Safety signage barely visible or missing.
Damaged packaging.
Picking slips barely readable due to printer ink running low.
Cowboys operating forklifts in aisle where pickers are busy.
Racking damaged with no follow up done or maintenance planned.

PPE and Medical on site Facilities.
MOST Companies need to take a serious look at current facilities – COVID caught most off-guard and the fallout will be around for some time. Forklift accidents and other can cause severe injuries – are you prepared?.

ALL of the above and more are now covered in our VIDEO/REMOTE/ONLINE Training Courses.

Each are designed to Clients OWN OPERATIONAL REQUIREMENTS……….this requires we visit your facilities and compile all material pertinent to your specific operational environment.

Training is then applied to current and/or each new employee via the three options – Video/Remote or Onsite.


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When it comes to Warehouse optimization and Inventory optimization, saving expenses is very much part of the profit game. In fact, if you can save just 2% of revenues in processing your orders, managing your inventory, and improving staff productivity, then you are actually increasing your profitability by 40% or more.

That’s a lot of RANDS AND CENTS!