Can’t seem to get the Warehouse or DC fully functional?

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Believe it or not – many of the current issues you are experiencing started at the drawing board when the new Warehouse DC was being Designed, alternative the new premises you are renting does not fit the actual requirements. Lack of the proper information; no real analysis of product growth or changes; no investigation into changes of Material Handling Equipment or the actual physical impact they have; no analysis of consumer buying patterns; no thought to actual future expansion or contraction and not only applied to spending patterns but actual product/goods handled………plus.

The 8 pointers highlights the scenario many Supply Chain/other Business’s find themselves having to contend with – scarcely 6 months after taking occupation and commencement of activities – not so?

More importantly Staff induction and Training is very much a hit and run exercise with no monthly,
quarterly productivity monitoring programs in place. Training i.e. product type – where to find it – process of picking etc is a once off exercise but the continued motivational process is a daily – or should be – instilled program. We all know that each one of us if not carefully managed, tend to fall back into “bad habits” of performance. Having monitory carrots hanging out there does not work either as the reward is often so small that no one pays any attention.

Even the larger companies will agree that within 4 weeks of back at work after the “fun-camp” seldom delivers sustained long term commitment to increasing productivity – people tend to fall back into the old easy patterns within 3 weeks after the event.

Changing habits are extremely difficult but doable. The other side of the coin – those “little clicks” formed – over the longer term in fact become total counter productive.

Well, some out there may have already witnessed or experienced these effects and started to wonder how to get the ship back on course – simply email me at and we can discuss a plan of action.

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